Whether you need to improve your English (and you are based in London) or to prepare for an exam, this is the right place for you. Whatever your level is now, my English lessons will help you progress to the next one steadily and effectively.success

We are qualified and experienced English teachers and we use a variety of methods and materials suitable to our students’ needs, level and interests to make sure you make the most of your English classes.

Whether you want one-to-one tuition or group tuition, our fees are affordable and include preparation time and materials used.

Sessions usually last for 2 hours (unless otherwise agreed) and they can take place in various locations.


What our students say about us:

Hi Doug I just wanted to thank you for your help and the effort you put into teaching.
It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad that I met such a great person as you.
Keep on the good job you’ve done so far with your life.
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