Total immersion with host teacher and family

Junior students 14-18 and adults (couples accepted).

Perhaps the most comprehensive and cost-effective Homestay package available.

Tailor-made courses that meet the exact needs of the student. This is a personalised course that embraces total immersion English that is only offered through intensive one-to-one tuition.

Students will be able to practise all aspects of the English language under the expert tutelage of their teacher virtually 24 hours a day. Intensive total immersion has been proved to be perhaps the most effective way to learn and has shown great improvements can be made in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. It goes without saying that the student’s confidence increases accordingly.

All teachers are qualified to teach a variety of courses such as IELTS, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge First Certificate, there is also a specialised Business English course for adults.

However, it is not all work and no play, each week two days are set aside to visit places of interest.

The benefits:          

  • Personalised tuition
  • Total immersion
  • Family environment
  • Fully equipped private classroom


Customise your stay:         

  • Visiting places of interest e.g. Westminster Abbey and the surrounding area
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour (subject to availability, booking MUST be at least 4 months in advance). Theatre (subject to availability and advance booking)
  • Visit Oxford and/or Cambridge
  • 2 full-day outings included in the cost


 What is included:

  • Full board with own room
  • 15 to 25  hours of formal tuition per week with a fully qualified tutor
  • Unlimited informal tuition
  • 2 full days per week excursions


15 hours tuition         £700.00 per week
(Grammar usage, speaking and comprehension)

20 hours tuition         £750.00 per week
(As above with conversational English and essay writing)



  • Enfield