Learning English can be an enjoyable experience. Our teachers will show you that it can be fun and effective, so that the student is always learning something new. My English lessons are interactive, well-structured and tailored to meet your specific needs and interests.


  • various textbooksresources
  • CDs
  • flashcards
  • games
  • authentic materials (e.g. newspapers)
  • print-outs
  • past exam papers


First lesson: The first lesson is used as an introductory lesson so that the teacher and student may get to know each other. It also gives the teacher an opportunity to assess the student’s level and together decide the best way to meet the student’s needs.

We also teach small groups (maximum 6 students).

The advantages of group work:

  • speaking activities work best in a group/pair, as you’d be practising with someone with the same English level as yours, making you feel more confident and less inhibited
  • group work activities help develop not only your language skills, but also social and communication ones
  • checking your answers with your peers also help to boost your confidence
  • it is more cost effective